Choosing a yacht is a difficult task even for the experienced boatman.

What you need is many times different from what you see, but impulses in boat shows have many times made owners choose the wrong boat which finishes in the market a year after purchase this equaling in losing money.  A lot of money.

PowerYacht Consultancy helps you choose the boat and also present you to a vaster choice viable for where the boat will be located.

We are also proud to say of having unequaled market knowledge to what regards Motorboats which is second to none, with a unique insider knowledge of what is happening in the market.  A testimony of this is also our daily updated magazine.

So if you are confused of all the boat-show glitter, high quality brochures, online websites there is no doubt you need a help.

Italian Yacht Expertise

PowerYacht also prides itself of being Italian yacht expert.  So if you are interested in buying an Italian build yacht from one of the dozens of boat builders coming from Italy our help and information can help you make the right choice. 

Our consultancy programs can start from an e-mail phone help, and move up to the traveling and organisational viewing of various comparative boats.

This consultancy service is available for both used and new boats.  All you have to do is advise to us your criteria of choice.

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PowerYacht offers a high degree of services to the yacht owner visiting Malta and not only.

This is a small list:

  • Guardian in Marina and Yard
  • Cleaning, Polishing and Repairs
  • Anti-fouling and Summer Preparation
  • Delivery to and from any Med Harbor
  • Refit Projects (from design change to complete renewal)
  • Transport to and from Airport
  • Hotel Booking
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